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Soju artist Funnyjun will hold a ‘K-Culture Illustration’ exhibition at Complex01, a complex cultural space in Hanoi, Vietnam, from March 16th to April 1st.

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Funnyjun is the author of ‘Soft Soju Exploration Life’, the only book on Korea’s soju, and has selected some of the more than 200 illustrations contained in the book to make posters and continue exhibitions in Korea and abroad. Based on the idea that soju is not simply alcohol but works as a communication tool for most adults, he divided the actions, behaviors, and attitudes at drinking parties into segments and revealed that they are aspects of contemporary culture.

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For Koreans, soju is an etiquette that is naturally learned at drinking parties, but for foreigners, it is a new K-culture. Scenes of drinking soju inevitably appear in K-dramas and K-movies such as The Glory, Taxi Driver, Casino, etc., which have high viewership ratings on OTT such as Netflix and Disney+. But it’s hard to know how to do it exactly.

▲ Soju artist Funnyjun holds a ‘K-Culture Illustration’ exhibition at Complex01 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The exhibition caught this point and was composed so that anyone can easily understand and follow through with illustrations. ▶How to drink soju ▷Step 1-Sit down ▷Step 2-Grab a bottle of soju ▷Step 3-Pouring a bottle of soju ▷Step 4-Offering soju ▷Step 5-Pouring soju ▷Step 6-Grabbing a glass of soju ▷Step 7-Receiving soju ▷Step 8-Clinking glasses ▷Step 9-Drinking soju ▷Step 10-Putting down a glass of soju, Soju Art Book: Soju models by brand, How to make somaek (soju+beer mix), prohibition of drunkenness, Story of Korean soju, ▶Soju tips: drinking together(wave), making a toast in a distance(WIFI), Tapping soju bottle with an elbow, don't drink soju straight from the bottle. etc. In particular, locals reacted interestingly that they didn’t know that they shouldn’t drink directly from a bottle with their mouth on it, which is called ‘bottle sucking’.

▲ Soju artist Funnyjun holds a ‘K-Culture Illustration’ exhibition on the second floor of Union Hall at Complex01 in Hanoi.

The exhibition venue in Hanoi is Complex01, which is one of the hottest places among Gen-Z in Hanoi. This place is a multi-functional complex space with an area of 4,000m2 renovated from a factory built in Dong da district in the 1960s. You can enjoy various activities such as shopping, food court, workshop , music , event, etc. The design that combines the vintage atmosphere of the factory with modern interior design is famous for photo zone.

▲ artist Funnyjun

Funnyjun’s K-Culture Illustration exhibition will be held on the second floor of Union Hall. This place is where anyone can relax comfortably. It was used as an exhibition space for the first time. Also, it was the first time for a foreigner to visit Complex01 directly and rent a place for a solo exhibition. Funnyjun visited various art spaces, galleries, cafes, restaurants, etc. To find an exhibition space in Hanoi explain the intention to plan. However, most did not understand the intention plan received request guarantee rental fee sales. Among them visited Complex01 and met CEO Phuc Tran.

▲ Soju artist Funnyjun holds a ‘K-Culture Illustration’ exhibition at Complex01 in Hanoi.

Complex01 CEO Phuc Tran said “Complex01 is cultural space regenerated from abandoned factory slogan ‘Time Connect’” said “Through this work Funnyjun writer about K-culture thought another connection time space decided permit this exhibition”.

▲ Soju artist Funnyjun took a photo with Phuc Tran, CEO of Complex01 in Hanoi, Vietnam, to commemorate the ‘K-Culture Illustration’ exhibition.

Not only Vietnamese but also foreign tourists visit the exhibition a lot. Anton and Elisa from Sweden, who are enjoying work and vacation at the same time, said, “Interest in Korea has increased tremendously in Sweden due to ‘Squid Game’.” They said, “The pictures and contents are really interesting and I would buy a book right away if a book came out in English.”

▲ Anton and Elisa from Sweden visited the ‘K-Culture Illustration’ exhibition by artist Funnyjun at Complex01 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Artist Funnyjun said, “Everyone knows ‘soju’ exactly, but they don’t know how to drink it.” He said, “The design of the exhibition is trendy with illustrations and green colors, so it is popular as a selfie spot.”

▲ A local Vietnamese poses at the ‘K-Culture Illustration’ exhibition by artist Funnyjun at Complex01 in Hanoi.

Artist Funnyjun said, “It is a familiar liquor for Koreans, but it is accepted as a ritual that accurately understands Korean culture for foreigners.” He said, “I hope that through the Hanoi exhibition, Vietnamese people will experience Korea’s correct drinking soju etiquette and understand Korean culture.” After passing through Thailand, Laos, and other countries including Korea, artist Funnyjun entered Vietnam and is currently preparing an English version of the book. He plans to travel around various countries such as the United States, U.K., and Japan this year and introduce Korean culture to foreigners through exhibitions.

▲ artist Funnyjun
▲ image from = Funnyjun
▲ image from = Funnyjun
▲ artist Funnyjun

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